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Estate Liquidation

can be stressful

Dealing with an estate that must be liquidated can be stressful and a complete unknown for the person who is tasked as the decision-maker.   We are here to help in every aspect of the process from explaining what your estate attorney has asked of you in regards to the sale/liquidation of personal property and real estate or if there is no attorney involved, providing you as many free consultations as necessary to explain the step by step processes and options of sale method.

We can help ease your stress

We are turnkey operation meaning we can provide services for the appraisals (if required by the court), clean out the property, sell the personal property and we can sell the real estate.

Call us first even if you’re not quite ready. We can meet with you and provide you the path and peace of mind needed.  We can also save you time and stress by giving you a clear plan of action. Often we have clients begin cleaning up a property before they call us. We don’t suggest that. Too many times, valuable items have been thrown away and thought to be trash.

Don’t be overwhelmed.  Our firm will handle as much or little as you the client desires. It starts with the FREE CONSULTATIONS to determine what exactly we are dealing with and what the end goal is. Once meeting, we provide proposals with pricing including our recommendation of what the best process would be based on the estate whether that be a single estate auction for just your estate or whether we should include the sellable items in our bi-monthly multi-estate consignment auctions. 

Let our professionals determine what must be disposed of, what must be sold, and what should be donated to a favorite charity.

Our staff is prepared to come into a residence, once family has decided upon what items will be kept, and sort through every item and separate into four categories as follows:

  • Trash
  • Sellable
  • Personal: to be handed over to representative in charge ie pictures or other personal paperwork
  • Charity

The Process

If it is determined that there is enough personal property to hold an estate auction  for just your personal property, all items are removed from the home and sold in 1 or more days depending on size of the estate at a specific time and place. This type of event can be either held onsite or at a remote location, depending on individual factors.

Estate auctions are quite popular. Everything in the estate will sell, other than clothes. This includes the vehicles, personal property and real estate if desired (at a separate time or same day.  See our real estate page). Our firm will determine the best possible date and location for your auction. We then organize and arrange all aspects of this event from the venue as well as all other remaining details ie marketing, materials, concessions…

Expenses and our fees will vary with each auction. Expected expenses in an estate type of auction will be marketing, venue, tent rental if needed, restroom facility if needed, moving, setup and clean up. Again these expenses will vary and are included in our initial proposals and contracts.  Expenses are paid in varying ways and can vary depending on the situation. Once the auction has been held, a closing package is provided approximately 10 to 14 days post auction. The package includes receipts for expenses, cash reports for items sold, sales tax reports, and a check for the proceeds.

What our customers have to say.

We are an estate planning and a state administration firm and Frederick County, Maryland. We have worked for the past couple of years with Steve and Patti and their staff at Rawlings Auctions, Appraisal and Realty, LLC. They have assisted us with everything from a basic tangible property appraisal to extensive on-site auctions, hauling of estate items to their consignment auctions, sale of real estate and even the clearing of debris-filled homes. Both Steve and Patti are very responsive to concerns or questions we have had and in the few instances of problems, have been very quick to resolve or assist as they can. We feel very comfortable recommending Rawlings, Auction, Appraisal and Realty, LLC for your appraisal and auction needs.

Through the entire process, I was most impressed with the level of service provided by Steve Patti and their staff. I was provided with multiple updates as the property was marketed and was given helpful feedback from potential buyers. The marketing plan produced a well-attended sale, with multiple registered bidders actively bidding on the property, and the property ultimately sold for a price acceptable to Mid Atlantic. My experience with Rawlings Auction Appraisal and Realty, LLC and specifically Steve and Patti Rawlings were extremely positive and I would recommend them for your auction needs.

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